Picture of Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor

Barry started A&B in 1987 after previously being a self-employed painter.

Picture of Mark Hargrave
Senior Surveyor

Mark Hargrave

Mark joined A&B in March 2014, having previously always worked for Main Contractors, for a total of 34 years; including Higgins Construction, Mount Anvil, Simons Construction and Hutton Construction. Mark is responsible for surveying duties on all A&B’s sites.

Picture of Kurt Osborne
Contracts Manager

Kurt Osborne

Kurt rejoined A&B in August 2017, having worked for us previously and has been at Higgins Construction for the last few years. Kurt is responsible for the Contracts Manager’s duties on various A&B sites

Picture of Dixie Taylor
Aftercare Manager

Dixie Taylor

Dixie joined A&B in July 2016 and was recently appointed as our Aftercare Manager, organising works for A&B Response

Picture of Elliott Wilson
Quantity Surveyor

Elliott Wilson

Elliott joined A&B as a Trainee Surveyor in July 2017 and was promoted to Contract Surveyor in May 2021

Picture of Graham Dockrill
Safety Officer

Graham Dockrill

Graham is employed by ‘Source To Safety’ and provides Health and Safety advice to the company, as well visiting sites on a regular basis to prepare all necessary H&S Reports

Picture of Simon Rose
Commercial Manager

Simon Rose

Simon joined Barry in November 1987 and has been here ever since. Simon previously worked for Laing Homes and Paintwell of St Albans and is responsible for all Commercial matters within the company.

Picture of Andy O’Farrell
Contracts Manager

Andy O’Farrell

Andy has been with A&B for 17 years and is responsible for all sites in London. He has been in the industry for 35 years altogether and has previously worked for Jarvis as a Site Manager

Picture of Silviu Profir
Assistant Contracts Manager

Silviu Profir

Silviu joined A&B as a full time employee in July 2023, after previously working for us as a subcontractor. He will initially assist Andy and Kurt with their sites and we look forward to watching him progress with A&B

Picture of Chris Nunn
Aftercare Manager

Chris Nunn

Chris joined A&B in June 2022 as Aftercare Manager. Chris is responsible for organising works for A&B Response

Picture of Gail Hardy
Admin Assistant

Gail Hardy

Gail has been with A&B for 5 years and is responsible for matters relating to Quality Assurance, Health and Safety and Material Distribution