Chobham Farm, Stratford

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Site: Chobham Farm Zone 2
Location: Stratford, London E15
Client: Higgins Construction Ltd
Value: £393,932


A&B have recently been awarded a contract to complete the painting and decorating works at this prestigious development for Higgins Construction.

Chobham Farm Zone 2 is located in Stratford. The development comprises of 154 units (17 maisonette’s, 137 Flats), 2 commercial spaces, and public open space.

Two blocks are proposed against the western half of the site – named 2C and 3C. Block 2C is shown rising to 4 storeys in height, and block 3C rises to between 6 and 8 storeys in height. 45 parking spaces are indicated below block 3C within an under croft. This under croft forms an embankment adjacent to Penny Brookes Street.